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Money Orders | Saint Croix Falls, WI

Money Transfer and Money Order Services in Saint Croix Falls, WI

Convenient, Affordable & Widely Accepted

Effective 6/1/18 We will only be able to do payouts of $500 maximum.

St. Croix Shipping and Handling LLC offers Western Union Money Transfers. Send money where ever you need to send it in the world. 

When you need to pay a bill, but checks aren't accepted, a money order may be the solution. St. Croix Shipping and Handling LLC offers this trusted alternative to checks.

What are they? Money orders are a secure payment method. They are convenient, affordable, and widely accepted. Money orders are a good way to send an alternative to cash that never expires.

Purchase a money order for a certain amount from St. Croix Shipping and Handling LLC and then provide the money order as payment. If a money order is lost or stolen, you may be able to have it replaced.

St. Croix Shipping and Handling LLC is an authorized provider for Western Union and we provide money order and money transfer services in Saint Croix Falls, WI.

We can also send your money order via FedEx, UPS, Spee-Dee, DHL, and USPS to guarantee it arrives on time.


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