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SpeeDee Delivery Shipping in Saint Croix Falls, WI

Reliable & Efficient Package Delivery to the Upper Midwest

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In addition to our other carrier options for shipping, St. Croix Shipping and Handling LLC is also your fast and convenient local agent for SpeeDee Delivery shipping. Why SpeeDee Delivery? Because SpeeDee specializes in shipments between all points in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, portion of the UP in Michigan and an area around St. Louis, MO in 1-2 days at rates significantly better than other options.

 SpeeDee Delivery ships via ground transportation which means you won’t have to pay extra fees for overnight delivery (like the other carriers), so you can SAVE on your shipping costs without compromising delivery speed.

The shipping professionals at St. Croix Shipping and Handling LLC are authorized agents for SpeeDee Delivery. We will make sure you get the best shipping options at the best rates.

Don’t forget — St. Croix Shipping and Handling LLC keeps over 20 different box sizes in stock along with bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, tape, and everything else you need for any shipment going anywhere. Let us pack it for you-save time and money!

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